Europe: Progressive Yearbook 2021: Free Read

We would like to draw your attention to a new publication from the Foundation for European Progressive Studies: Progressive Yearbook 2021.

Twenty-twenty has been an extraordinary year for everybody. The Covid-19 pandemic and the multidimensional crisis that it triggered have affected every country of the world, boosted existing trends and put forward new challenges. But they have also created unexpected opportunities to set a new course of action for the European Union, shaping the conditions—hopefully—to make a remarkable leap forward in European integration, and design and implement a green and sustainable post-pandemic recovery.

Health policy co-ordination, a counter-cyclical budgetary component financed by debt issuance, reinforced Kurzarbeit schemes, youth guarantee: the European Union is entering new territory where social democracy can and must prove its value, meet its commitments, fulfil its mission and thrive. 

The second edition of FEPS’ Progressive Yearbook, the yearly publication of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), revolves around the exceptional events of 2020, from the health crisis to the US elections, and the key issues that deeply marked last year—the emerging concept of the health union, the rule-of-law conundrum, the child union, to mention just a few—and it looks at the social, economic and political impact they will have in 2021. It is a unique publication, which aims to be an instrument for the European progressive family and FEPS readers to reflect on the recent past and look ahead to our next future. 

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