Homelessness Research: Housing First for Youth, and Women’s Housing and Homelessness

From the Homeless Hub…
Practising What You Preach: Program Fidelity in Housing First for Youth John Ecker, Heidi Walter, Kim Kakakaway / Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, A Way Home Canada 

Housing First for Youth (HF4Y) is a powerful program for preventing and ending youth homelessness which is best served true to the model. This week’s Research Matters blog highlights why conducting a Fidelity Review is a great way to help your HF4Y program adhere to the model’s five core principlesRead the Blog Available in French! The State of Women’s Housing Need & Homelessness in Canada: Key Findings Kaitlin Schwan et al. / Women’s National Housing & Homelessness Network This summer, the Women’s National Housing & Homelessness Network(WNHHN) released a report on the state of women’s housing and homelessness in Canada. A key findings summary report is now available in French!See French Report

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