Two Interesting CMHC Reports on Housing for Seniors

Housing for Older Canadians
People are living longer than ever before — statistics show that by the year 2041, 25% of the Canadian population will be seniors. There are now more people over the age of 55 than there are children.

The Guide to the Seniors Housing Market 
People are living longer than ever before. We need to understand this demographic shift and the effects. The growing number of older Canadians increase the need for affordable, accessible housing that is well connected to services and amenities. CMHC has released the updated edition of a key guide to this unique market with regional insights.
Learn about the seniors housing market

Trends that Shape the Seniors’ Housing Market 
There is a demographic shift with today’s older Canadians. What does this mean for developers interested in building for this population?Designing the Project guide provides an overview of the design and development process for creating housing for the “over 55” market to meet their evolving needs.
Discover the design and development process   

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