A Call for Non-Profit Independent Media

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by Breezy Brian Gregg
For a moment consider that we can divide the industries we call media into two distinct sectors: We have a media content production industry and a media-content-access-service industry.

Some organizations act in both sectors but in general most operate mainly in one or the other.

I am a tiny content producer and I find that there is a robust systemic barrier preventing my opinion from being accessed by the larger society.

Essentially I argue that it would be more efficient and more democratic to publicly fund a nonprofit independent media-content-access-service industry, rather than continuing to rely on the private sector for providing access.

The systemic barrier I face is that content producers like yourselves tend to be reluctant to bite the hand that feeds. For content producers, there is an almost universal aspiration to gain attention and be amplified by the capitalist corporate commercial media.

I feel there is a concern that if one was to promote the idea that we should transition to a publicly funded but independent nonprofit media-content-access-service and also to promote the idea of boycotting the private for profit media-content-access-services, then that expression could result in the commercial industries counter boycotting resulting in the loss of the opportunity to use the commercial services for message amplification.

“No Commercial Media Day October 9th”

Most likely the news of this planned peoples boycott of commercial media on October 9th will not be covered in the main stream. For it to be successful it is critical that people pass on this news organically.

Please help by amplifying the news of this action in your networks.

In Canada with CBC radio being the only significant exception, it is sad that today the best information is hoarded behind paywalls, while information polluted with hate and lies is available for free.

It can be viewed that there are two sectors of the media. The content production sector and the content access services sector.

Does the commercial media (media services financed by an advertising industry or by subscription paywalls) do more good for all or more harm for all?

I argue the latter and speak up for transitioning to a system where the sector of media I call media-content-access-services, which presently are provided almost exclusively by private for profit businesses, should instead be a public service.

It is not going to happen in September’s Speech from the Throne but I speak up for the day when we will have a throne speech outlining the introduction of legislation that puts in place public funding for an independent but publicly funded media-content-access-service that provides full access to all content for everyone and pays the production sector of the media industry based on the public’s self-chosen use of media content.

Breezy Brian Gregg
Digital Public Library Project
(780) 429-3624 .. mobile 780-993-3624

to protect our democracy from the influence of big money in politics and at the same time make living more affordable


“No Commercial Media Day October 9th”

— To bring attention to the need to strengthen nonprofit public media services in Canada, The Edmonton chapter of The Council of Canadians is asking all Canadians to abstain from using commercial media on October 9th. Turn it off for 24 hours. For safety and practical reasons total abstinence may be difficult. Everyone is encouraged to just do their best and in this way show that Canadians want strong nonprofit public media services —

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