Profile of a Social Canada Contributor

Juggling Motherhood, Career, Education and Volunteer Work

Melanie Rodriguez (Accelerated MBA ’20)

This profile was first published by the Schulich School of Business at York University

Last year, Melanie Rodriguez (Accelerated MBA ’20) decided to start an MBA at Schulich when her baby was nine-months-old. While studying, she returned to her full-time job, became a Forte Foundation fellow and accepted a volunteering opportunity to lead the Canadian delegation for the G7 Youth Summit in France.

“To juggle everything, it required extra preparation, prioritizing activities, and a supportive network,” she said. “Preparing assignments and readings two weeks ahead of time gave me the flexibility I needed to accommodate the unexpected surprises of motherhood and to take advantage of great opportunities.”

She praised the School for providing thoughtful supports—such as dedicated pumping areas and flexible class schedules—and offering a range of MBA specializations.

With a vision of providing accessible education to all children, Rodriguez also pursued a graduate certificate in Social Sector Management during her studies to learn how to lead and foster relationships across the private, non-profit and government sectors. “Both were recommended by leaders I admired in the sector, and it was evident through its research and events that Schulich has always been a leader in social impact, and advancing sustainable development goals.

She believes that a business education is advantageous, as it helps you to develop your leadership skills, tests your multi-tasking abilities, and offers you a life-long alumni network of change-makers and global leaders.

Melanie is working with the Ontario Nonprofit Network as Communications and Network Engagement Manager

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