Zooming Seniors

by David Newman

There’s something retirement homes, long-term care residences and seniors’ centres can do for their residents in this time of quarantine. Zoom, with all its warts, has become a vital multi-person communication platform, using PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones in a relatively simple connection process.

Most seniors’ places have a common computer room or could easily set one up and most recreation staff at those places have less activity for isolating residents. Zoom is ubiquitous and free for 40 minutes.

So why not schedule, set up and implement Zoom meetings for each resident with family or friends. A schedule could be set up for at least 8 or 10 individual meetings a day, keeping lonely, isolated residents and their families connected, supported, happy and reassured while preserving physical distancing. Easy to do and so impactful for all concerned. So seniors’ recreation staff and administrators, let’s get to it!

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