Canadian Nonprofit Workers Survey 2020

Work Standards and impact of COVID

The survey seeks anonymous information on earnings, benefits, work conditions, and the impact of COVID on work and family arrangements, of people in nonprofit services.

People working for nonprofit organizations are doing some of the most important work in Canadian society, as is clear during this COVID crisis.

However, recent Decent Work and Living Wage campaigns suggest that their conditions of work, pay and benefits, and career opportunities may not reflect their contribution.

The information will help to:

  • compare work conditions and remuneration with other occupations requiring comparable qualifications and experience, and with public and commercial sector workers.
  • provide a basis for recommending improvements.
  • derive lessons for dealing with future crises like COVID19.

Your input is essential if you work in any role connected to non-profit services.

Everyone who wishes can receive a copy of the Report.

Subscribing for a report is entirely separate and unconnected from the survey instrument. Information will not be sold, traded, or used for commercial purpose.

The survey is brief (about 5 minutes), multiple choice with opportunity for personal comment.

After the survey, to receive a report, go to

Subscribe to Social Canada to receive the report. It’s free and you may unsubscribe at any time.

Please invite your friends and colleagues who work for nonprofits to take the survey!

To fill out the survey go to

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