Nonprofit Driven

Melanie Rodriquez

The past year Canadian nonprofits experienced many changes, worked together on many challenges, and participated in important advocacy and collaboration efforts. One example of a sector leaders coming together was Nonprofit Driven 2019 – the largest and most impactful of Nonprofit Driven conference to date. Nonprofit Driven is hosted by the Ontario Nonprofit Network: an independent network for the 58,000 nonprofits in Ontario, focused on policy, advocacy, and services to strengthen the Ontario nonprofit sector. With over 600 nonprofit professionals and 75 inspiring speakers, this two day event provided a platform to develop new skills, advance public policy knowledge, and form collaboration strategies for 2020.

As we begin the new year, it’s important to remember a key lesson from the Nonprofit Driven conference: Our sector is stronger when we collaborate and advocate together. 

From streamlining transfer payment agreements to our sector’s priorities being addressed in the Senate’s charitable sector report, we have already seen key wins our sector can achieve when we collaborate together. To build on the momentum of these key wins and ensure that our sector thrives in 2020 and in the future, we must continue to collaborate to advocate for changes that:

Improve working conditions for nonprofit workers to make it more inclusive, accessible, and aligned with decent work

Catalyze improvements to the sector’s funding environment such as advancing social procurement efforts

Ensure the legal frameworks nonprofits work under- policy, legislation, and regulation- empower our 58,000 organizations to thrive

Join thousands of social sector organizations and leaders advocating for change by engaging your MPP,  joining your local nonprofit network  such as the Ontario, Alberta, or  Pillar Nonprofit Network, and connecting with peers at sector-wide events like Nonprofit Driven 2020./

Melanie Rodriquez is the Manager of Communications and Network Engagement for the Ontario Nonprofit Network, an MBA Candidate for the Schulich School of Business, and Founder of Capacity Creation. She has worked with over 20 nonprofits globally and has represented youth as Canada’s Head Delegate for the G7 Youth Summit in 2019. 

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